How To Choose The Right Snowboard For Your Summer Snowboarding Camp

With the arrival of summer, the snow starts melting from the slopes of USA, Europe and Canada which leaves the snow lovers with no other option but to head southwards to the Andes in South America. If you are planning to join summer snowboarding camps then make sure you have the right snowboard for it. And to choose the right snowboard, you must have thorough knowledge about snowboards.All about snowboardsSnowboards help a person to glide over the snow. These are different from mono-skis because the stance taken by the snowboarder is completely different. In mono-skis the user stands facing the direction he wishes to go, but on a snowboard, the user has to stand sideways on the board. Commercial snowboards are generally equipped with special boots and bindings, which secure the feet of a snowboarder in the upright position.

Before buying a snowboard for yourself, you must know about the different types of snowboards available. The major types are:Free ride: The most popular of all snowboard types, free ride snowboards have a directional shape meant to be ridden in one direction. The tips of these types of snowboards are different from their tails. In free ride snowboards, the tail is generally shorter and narrower than the tip of the board.Freestyle: These snowboards are more popular with beginners because they are easier to maneuver and much lighter. Moreover, these snowboards are wider and more stable than the free ride ones.Carving Boards: Carving or Alpine snowboards have a longer, narrower and stiffer construction. These snowboards can pick up higher speeds and make cleaner turns. Unlike free style snowboards, they can ride only in one direction.Split-board: This variety is split lengthwise and can be separated into two parts. The rider can climb the slopes wearing the two parts separately and join the halves once he is ready to descend.All-Mountain: This is a blend of freestyle and free-ride boards.How to choose the right snowboardWith so many options available, buying a new snowboard has become extremely confusing. Here are few tips to help you in choosing the right snowboard:- Choosing the right one depends a lot on the type of riding you prefer. Different types of riding require different snowboards.

- Do some research and check a few magazines and guidebooks, which can help you with information on the different types.- Snowboard companies publish catalogs and brochures about their products. You can get hold of them and have a clear idea about the types of snowboards.- You can go for demo rides to feel and experience the snowboards before you decide on the type that suits you best. You can avail these demo programs in different shops selling snowboards or in resorts offering demo programs in the beginning of the season.Now that you know how to choose the snowboard that suits your skills and budget, just get hold of one and hit the summer snowboarding camps in South America for some real fun.